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Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

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Why Visit Jurong Bird Park

The world-famous bird zoo, Jurong is the largest bird paradise in Asia and an open concept aviary with large displays and exhibits which simulate the natural habitats of the bird. With walk-in aviaries and animal concept shows, you’re going to discover the 20 hectares of forest area that is home to over 5,000 species of birds spread across 400 species. Jurong has also managed to hatch several birds within the venue like the Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Bali Mynah, King Penguin, Oriental Pied Hornbill among with many other species.

Jurong Bird Park also provides special encounters with birds and enables visitors to have an immersive experience with these feathered creatures. Spread over a massive 20 hectares, the park is a must-visit for any bird enthusiast. The Waterfall Aviary by itself houses 600 birds near a 30-meter waterfall. You can also engage in feeding session at the Lory Loft and have exotic dining experiences such as ‘Lunch with Parrots’ or try the Indian Set Menu.

Useful Information and Quick Facts

Jurong Bird Park Timings

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

  • Use the hop-on hop-off tram to quickly navigate through the park. This will save you considerable amounts of time.
  • Please follow the Park Map and cover the exhibits in an order to ensure you don’t miss out on any. Ideally you should visit at the 8:30 am in the morning and follow the morning itinerary or arrive at 1:30 pm to follow the afternoon itinerary.
  • The Waterfall Aviary, Penguin Coast, Lory Loft and Wings of Asia are considered to be the top exhibits at the park and a must-visit.
  • Strollers and wheelchairs are available at the venue for toddles and individuals with impaired movement. Rental charges for strollers are SGD 9 while wheelchairs are free-of-charge.
  • Lockers are available at the venue to store your personal belongings. They will be charged at SGD 3. Jurong Bird Park also provides other guest facilities such as nursing rooms and first-aid stations.

Jurong Bird Park Singapore Tickets

  • Jurong Bird Park ticket is available with Headout at SGD 24. These Jurong Bird Park tickets come with the added perk of accessing the hop-on hop-off tram ride(which is charged separately at the venue). These skip-the-line tickets also ensure you beat the queues and enter the park in no time.
  • As an added service, Jurong Bird Park also provides two separate tours. The Bird’s Eye Tour offers a 90 minute guided buggy tour which involves a guided tour of the venue; discover the feathered creatures and engage in interaction with bird species such as the Hornbills. This experience will cost SGD 28 for adults and SGD 18 for children(3-12 years). The second tour is a private Buggy Ride which allows you to charter your own buggy and plan your own itinerary. This enables a truly private and exclusive experience at Jurong Bird Park which is charged SGD 180 per hour.
  • You can add special dining experiences to your base ticket to enjoy a more wholesome adventure at the bird park. The Lunch with Parrots encounter is a crowd favorite and with Headout you can have this experience for SGD 16 allowing you to and save up to SGD 9 on your lunch booking.

What To Expect

Explore Asia’s premier bird park and have an avian adventure unlike any other at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Visit this scenic location and come face-to-face with bird species from all across the world in environments that mimic their natural habitat. This allows the birds to maintain their own lifestyle and promotes a positive conservation agenda.

At Jurong Bird Park you’ll come across bird species that are direct descendants of dinosaurs such as the Double-Wattled Cassowary and the Emu. Feel like a paleontologist as you dig through the sand and discover the fossils peppered among the sands. The Hop-on Hop-off tram ride allows you to cover the park with ease and take in the many exhibits on display at a relaxed pace. The Penguin Coast is a unique location where you can spot up to four species of these black and white birds.

The Birds of Play wet and dry play area for children and the Bird Discovery Center are the perfect for your little one to learn while having fun. With multiple special experiences and feeding shows including the High Flyers Show, the Kings of the Skies Show, and the Wildlife Tours, at Jurong Bird Park you can interact with the birds up-close and see them at their most active. All the shows at the park play twice every day, so be sure to catch them all and experience the magical presentations brought to you by the kings of the skies.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Experience

Combining Your Visit

Jurong Bird Park takes about 2-3 hours to explore completely and most visitors combine this attraction with similarly themed attraction in Singapore. These include the Singapore Zoo, River Safari or Night Safari; to make the most of your day be sure to visit more than just one attraction.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, a.k.a Mandai Zoo is Singapore’s premier animal wildlife park. Covering a massive area of 20 hectares, the zoo is divided into 11 zones which mirror the topography of locations across the globe ranging from the African Savannahs to the Frozen Arctic. Singapore Zoo accommodates around 300 unique animals species and typically takes 4-5 hours to cover.

River Safari

A one-of-a-kind wildlife park which fuses the rivers of the world with the wildlife of that area, at River Safari you’ll be able to learn first hand about the ecosystems which exist at world-famous rivers. Discover upto 200 species of animals and 400 species of plants spread over a vast 12 hectares. You can also explore the Giant Panda forest and partake in two river cruises at the venue which usually takes 3-5 hours to complete.

Night Safari

Night Safari is an exotic night-time wildlife park which houses only nocturnal animals. This experience allows you to discover the world of nocturnal animals such as Jaguars, Lions, Elephants and several other creatures across six distinct topographical zones. With special shows and walking trails, the Night Safari takes around 3-4 hours to complete and is an exclusive night-only attraction.

Along with Jurong Bird Park, these three attractions are equally well visited. Since each location takes only 3-5 hours to complete, combining your Jurong Bird Park visit with any of these is a very common thing. With these Headout Combos you’ll get more than just entry into the parks and enjoy a more complete experience.

Headout Combo Offers

Super Saver Combo: Jurong Bird Park + Night Safari

– Night Safari admission ticket
– 40-minute tram ride at Night Safari
– Access to Jurong Bird Park Singapore
– Hop-on Hop-off Tram ride at Jurong Bird Park

Starting from SGD 55 →

Super Saver Combo: Jurong Bird Park + River Safari

– Access to Jurong Bird Park Singapore
– Hop-on Hop-off Tram ride at Jurong Bird Park
– Access River Safari Singapore ticket
– Amazon River Quest Ticket at River Safari
– River Safari Boat ride ticket at River Safari

Starting from SGD 45 →

Super Saver Combo: Jurong Bird Park + Singapore Zoo

– Pre-booked access Singapore Zoo admission ticket
– Tram ride with commentary at Singapore Zoo
– Access to Jurong Bird Park Singapore
– Hop-on Hop-off Tram ride at Jurong Bird Park

Starting from SGD 50 →

Park Hopper : Park Hopper: Singapore Zoo + River Safari + Night Safari + Jurong Bird Park

– Pre-booked access Singapore Zoo admission ticket
– Tram ride with commentary at Singapore Zoo
– Access to Jurong Bird Park Singapore
– Hop-on Hop-off Tram ride at Jurong Bird Park
– Access River Safari Singapore ticket
– Amazon River Quest Ticket at River Safari
– River Safari Boat ride ticket at River Safari
– Night Safari admission ticket
– 40-minute tram ride at Night Safari

Starting from SGD 95 →

Why Buy Tickets in Advance

Long queues at the ticketing counters often ruin your plans for the entire day. Book your tickets with Headout prior to your visit and enjoy skip-the-line passes allowing you access into the parks. This helps you save a lot of time and make the most of your day.

Best Price Guarantee

Headout offers the best price guarantee which means that you get your tickets at the cheapest price. Not only that, with Headout you also get additional perks and services such as the hop-on hop-off tram ride which are included in your ticket. The Headout tickets with the added perks are still cheaper than the admission ticket to Jurong at the official website.

Exhibits at Jurong Bird Park

Waterfall Aviary

Spread over a massive 2 hectare area, this exhibit replicates the environment of the rainforest and the mangrove swamps. Walk through this 13 storeyed aviary and spot over 600 free flying birds residing in an environment which mirrors their actual habitat. The 30 meter waterfall, the cascading waters, the enchanting flora all add to the aesthetic appeal of the zone which houses Iridescent Stalings, Turacos, Rollers, Parrots, Crested Guinea Fowls, Yellow-Billed Storks and much more!

Birds of Prey

Enter the world of avian predators and keep an eye out for the sharp talons, hooked beaks and razor-sharp eyes. Living in towering enclosures through the exhibits, you’ll be able to see the Brahminy Kite, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Hawks and Vultures in this exhibit.

Dinosaur Descendants

Get a glimpse into the Earth’s past as you see the birds which are direct descendants of the ancient rulers of the world - the Dinosaurs. The birds here date back to the land of Gondwana and are mostly flightless in nature. Scour through the zone and spot the Blue-Headed Double-Wattled Cassowary, the Emu and the Marabou Stork.

Flamingo Pool

The Flamingo Pool is a proud display at Jurong which highlights its remarkable efforts in wildlife conservation. Walking through these areas and discover the Chilean Flamingos, a threatened species, and learn their peculiar characteristics. You can also see the Caribbean Flamingos which are the brightest and most colorful species of flamingos.

Heliconia Walk

Discover a whole new world of birds as you walk into Asia’s first Heliconia Repository. The landscape of unusual exotic plants features 167 species of Heliconia, all native to Central and South America. The birds in this area help the Heliconia by being the agents of pollination. Watch the natural flow of life and take in the colorful flowering plants in this tranquil zone.

Hornbills & Toucans

Visit the birds with over-sized beaks and colorful plumages at this heavily forested aviary. Spread over a 2,000 square meter area this zone houses the largest collection of Asian Hornbills in the world along with a wide variety of South American Toucans. This zone has also been awarded for their conservation efforts and have successfully managed to hatch the Black Hornbill, Southern Pied Hornbill and the Great Indian Hornbill.

Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary

Modelled after the tropical rainforests of South America, this aviary mimics the lush vegetation and cascading water of the area. Here you can spot brightly feathered birds, all native to South America, such as the Toucan, the Tangers and the Contingas, the Violaceous Euphonia and many more colorful creatures.

Lory Loft

Enter the area reserved for the friendliest birds at the park and spot the myriad of red, yellow, green and blue feathers fluttering all around you. Mirrored to look like the Australian outback and covering an area of 3,000 square meters, this 9-storey high aviary even allows you to feed these adorable birds.

Parrot Paradise

Jurong is home to the largest collection of parrots in Asia, with 32 aviaries dedicated to these colorful, playful birds. Each aviary within the zone provides the parrot its own natural habitat allowing you to experience these birds in their real home settings. Among the many species the most famous ones you can see here are the Hyacinth Macaw, Blue-eyed Cockatoo, Scarlet Macaw, Yellow-naped Amazon, Blue and Gold Macaw and the Red-Sided Eclectus Bird.

Pelican Cove

Experience the world’s first underwater viewing gallery at a bird park and watch these large mouthed birds scoop for fish at the lake. Featuring all 8 species of pelicans including the endangered Dalmatian Pelican, this zone houses these nimble fishing birds.

Penguin Coast

Step aboard the vessel and cruise into the indoor, climate controlled den home to 4 species of penguins. Learn about these fascinating sea creatures and their livelihood as you catch glimpses of the Humboldt, the Rockhopper, the Macaroni and the regal King Penguin. Outside the den, you’ll be able to see the African Penguins, a peculiar species that has adapted for survival in the tropics.


Modelled after the lush riverine forests of Asia with an 11-meter wide river flowing through it, this zone houses aquatic birds, turtles and freshwater fish. The unique underwater gallery here offers a cross-section view of the fast flowing water from underwater, allowing you to observe the diving birds in action.

Royal Ramble

Made to replicate the exotic locations of the world, using flora from Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya; this zone houses three species of the world’s largest and most picturesque pigeons. Spot the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the Scheepmaker’s Crowned Pigeon and the Common Crowned Pigeon perform their iconic courtship dances and listen to their low-pitched songs in this exhibit.

Swan Lake

The tranquil Swan Lake is a picturesque sight at Jurong Bird Park. Step on the observation deck and see the Black-Necked Swan, Black Swan, Mute Swan and more species glide across the water.


With a gallery designed to simulate an observation hide, this exhibit is where you can enjoy some quiet bird spotting. Catch the brightly feathered Scarlet Ibis or the stunning Roseate Spoonbill along with the other wetland birds which include the Magpie Geese, Mandarin Ducks, Wood Ducks, Hammerkops and more.

Window on Paradise

See the exotic world of the Birds of Paradise from a 40-meter long tree-top walkway. Known for their shy nature, this walkway offers a glimpse into the treetops where the birds usually hide. If you’re lucky you maybe able to see the incredible courtship rituals which these birds are renowned for.

Wings of Asia

Discover Asia’s most exotic and endangered birds as you walk into this free-flight aviary. Home to one of the largest collections of Asian Birds, this repository takes special effort into the conservation of the avian species and has successfully bred several species of rare birds.

World of Darkness

Explore Asia’s first Nocturnal house and walk through the star-lit jungle to meet the exotic night birds. Discover the Snowy Owl, Malay Fish Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl and several other species known for their exceptional night vision and sharp hearing. You’ll also be able to spot the Black Crowned Heron and the Bush Stone Curlew in this zone.

Kids' Specials at Jurong Bird Park

Birdz of Play

A special bird-themed playground with wet and dry play zones, this area is a kid favourite. Let the kids enjoy their frolicing as you relax and visit the retail outlets in the zone. With wading pools for toddlers and kids and a wet wonder world for kids between 5-12; your kids will spend hours here.

Bird Discovery Centre

The Bird Discovery Centre is an interactive, immersive experience for kids aimed to teach them about the wondrous world of aerial creatures. Here you can learn everything there is to learn about birds, see their skeletal remains and even look at the egg collection which features eggs from over 250 birds some of which are green and blue.

Shows at Jurong Bird Park

At Jurong Bird Park you’ll be able to witness bird shows and displays which are certain to leave you in awe of these feathered creatures. Discover the true skills and abilities of these birds as the trainers let them perform a visual spectacle for you. Sit back and enjoy these interactive experiences.

High Flyers

Featuring an exotic line-up of high altitude birds, this free-flying performance is a particular crowd favorite. Witness the agility and speed of the parrots as they race against time and listen to the Yellow-Naped Amazon which can sing in three languages. Learn about the peculiarities of the endangered Hyacinth Macaw and the Great-pied Hornbills and enjoy a whole array of events and more at the show!

This show will be performed daily at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm at the Pools Amphitheatre, provided the weather is suitable.

King of the Skies Show

See the aerial predators in action in a demonstration of skill and agility unmatched by any human. Catch the dynamic raptors in action witness these majestic warriors snap up their prey in the blink of an eye, literally. The line-up at this show includes Eagles, Vultures, Hawks and Owls; all renowned predatory birds and the stunts performed by these birds are an absolute delight to witness.

Tips for Visiting Jurong Bird Park

  • Plan your visit to make the most of your time and get the maximum value for your experience. You can follow the morning itinerary or the afternoon itinerary to make the most of your visit.
  • To get the most of your ticket, try to visit the bird exhibits during their feeding time by following the feeding time schedule.
  • Please carry a water bottle, an umbrella and mosquito repellant for personal use.
  • The kids area has wet rides and a change of clothes is required to experience the dry areas. Please carry an extra outfit for the children.
  • Be sure to arrive at the show 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled beginning.
  • If you wish to have some perfect pictures clicked by professional photographers do partake in the photography with birds experience.
  • Uniformed birdkeepers are present through the venue to help you with any queries or unexpected issues at the venue.

How to Get to Jurong Bird Park

By Public Transport

MRT & Bus
– Take the MRT on the East-West(Green) line and transit to the connecting public bus services.
– From Boon Lay(EW27) take bus no.194 which will take you to the park.

By Car/Taxi
Jurong Bird Park is a 30-minute drive from the city. The venue has an open-air car and motorcycle parking which is directly opposite the park entrance.

Via Pan Island Expressway(PIE) from the City
– Take the PIE towards Jurong/Tuas
– Take Exit 36 and turn left onto Jalan Bahar towards Jalan Boon Lay
– Turn right at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to reach Jurong Bird Park

Via Central Expressway(CTE) from the City
– Take the AYE towards towards Jurong.
–Take Exit 17 onto Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to reach Jurong Bird Park.

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