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Uffizi Gallery Tickets

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Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Skip The Line to Uffizi Gallery - Guided Tour
from €50
Best Safety
Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Skip The Line Tickets to Uffizi Gallery
Instant Confirmation
from €24
Best Safety
Museums In Florence
Skip The Line Guided Tour to Uffizi + Accademia Galleries
from €110€99
Best Safety
Best Safety
Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Skip The Line Guided Tour of Uffizi Gallery
Best Safety
Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Priority Entrance Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery
Best Safety
Best Safety
Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Uffizi Gallery - Semi - Private Guided Tour
Best Safety
Located in the heart of the art capital of Europe, Uffizi Gallery is best known for its world-class art and priceless renaissance works. With over two million tourists from all over the globe visiting Uffizi Gallery every year, it the most visited gallery in the world. Built in a U-shape, the museum is home to frescoes and Renaissance art from the likes of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raffaello. Built by the famous Renaissance architect Giorgio Vasari in 1559, the museum was commissioned by Cosimo I de’ Medici.

Post Covid-19 Safety Measures and New Rules at Uffizi Gallery

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Uffizi Gallery authorities have enforced a couple of safety measures:
  • All visitors are required to wear masks covering their nose and mouth while visiting the gallery.
  • Social Distancing is enforced and everyone has to maintain an appropriate distance from each other for their safety.
  • All visitors will have to go through a mandatory temperature check.

All Uffizi Gallery Ticket and Tour Options

With millions visiting the awe-inspiring Uffizi Gallery every year, waiting lines can be hours long, and getting access to the main entrance could get become quite a task. It is therefore advised that you book your tickets/packages online before you reach the gallery. Although access to certain exhibits is limited post-Covid, Uffizi Gallery tickets come in a few variations - Uffizi Gallery Skip the Line tickets, Uffizi Gallery Guided Tours, and multi-attraction combo tickets.
Skip The Line Uffizi Gallery Tickets
Guided Tour of Uffizi Gallery
Uffizi Gallery + Florence City Combos
With millions of tourists visiting the world-renowned gallery every year, ticket queues and waiting lines tend to be really long and could setback your trip by hours. With Uffizi Gallery Skip the line tickets, you can beat the crowd and get direct access to the main building, once you collect the physical tickets from a designated staffer. You can then explore intricacies of the various compositions on display and marvel at the work of genius artists like Da Vinci, Raffaello, Masaccio, Cimabue, and Giotto at your own pace.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Fastest access to Uffizi Gallery: With Skip the Line Uffizi Gallery tickets, you can skip the long waiting times and head straight to the security check at the entrance of the gallery. This could sometimes save you several hours and makes it the fastest way to gain entry to the gallery, which draws massive crowds even on the slowest days.  
  • Optional host: Depending on your ticket, you’ll also have the option to explore the Uffizi Gallery with a host who is well-versed in the history and significance of the exhibits. The host can help you decipher the meaning and significance of the gallery's exhibits, especially if you're unfamiliar with art.
  • Timed Entry: Timed entry ensures that only a certain number of visitors get access to the Gallery at any given time. With skip the line tickets, you can bypass the ticketing line and exchange your voucher for physical tickets without any delay. Once you have your physical ticket and get through the security check, all you have to do is walk straight in.

Recommended Experiences

Whizz past long waiting lines and visit the Uffizi Gallery, a pandora's box of Italian art and culture. Save your precious time and spend it exploring one of the finest art collections in Europe and check out some of the most emblematic artworks in Italy ranging from the 12th century to the 17th century, including Botticelli's famed "Birth of Venus" .
Venture into the heart of modern renaissance and witness the world-famous Uffizi Gallery. Soak in the rich heritage and history of Italy's top artists and be spellbound by the beauty of the artworks and the architecture of the gallery. Once you skip the lines, explore the magnificent gallery at your own pace.
Steeped in artistic glory, any trip to Florence is incomplete without a walk through its rich history. With a guided tour of Florence's most renowned gallery, you'll become part of its heritage as you behold exquisite, spellbinding craftsmanship and architecture. A professional guide will make sure you journey through time as they explain the significance and provenance of each artwork on display at the Uffizi Gallery. Your guided tours come with skip the line access to the gallery so that you can whizz past long ticket queues and start your experience right away.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Priority access: With Uffizi Gallery guided tours, you'll get skip the line access to the Ita;y's most famous gallery and start your experience right away. This will save you a stupendous amount of time as you skip past long waiting lines that could have set back your trip by hours.
  • Professional guide: You’ll be joined by a professional guide who’ll accompany you as you explore the marvels of the Uffizi Gallery. With tales from history and personal anecdotes about Italian renaissance, the guide will make sure you have a complete taste of the Italian culture.
  • Small tour group: With a tour group of 20-25 guests or fewer, you'll get an almost exclusive guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery, its stunning interior architecture, and its numerous exhibits dating between the 12th century and the 17th century, including Botticelli's famed "Birth of Venus".

Recommended Experiences

Discover the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery on this small-group tour with a professional guide, conducted in the language best suited to you, and learn the stories, styles, and themes that the artworks revolve around. Marvel at paintings, sculptures, and much more with your guide providing rich insights into them on this 2-hour tour.
Skip the Line tickets to Uffizi Gallery, which allows priority access to the museum, bypassing the long ticketing lines. Enjoy a 90 minute guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery from a multilingual professional guide. Marvel at the legendary works of prolific painters including Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Giotto, among others.
Florence is home to some of the best pieces of art from the Italian Renaissance. With art and history at every turn, explore everything that Florence has to offer with these combo tickets that give you access to Uffizi Gallery and a couple of other top attractions in the city. These guided tour combos cover beautiful historical attractions like the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Duomo, and many of the city’s splendid outdoor attractions. It is the perfect choice for you if you're on a time-bound trip.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Unparalleled views of Florence: Explore close to all of the best historical sites in Florence in a single day. Tour the Uffizi Gallery, Duomo, and Accademia Gallery, and marvel at all the amazing masterpieces inside each of these treasure troves. Be a part of the city's history.
  • Skip the line at every attraction: With your skip-the-line access that comes bundled with your ticket, you'll not have to wait anywhere to gain entrance to any of the places included in your package. Save over 3 hours by choosing to book these skip the line tickets to whizz past all ticket/waiting queues.
  • Multilingual professional guide: You’ll be joined by a multilingual professional guide who’ll accompany you as you explore the marvels of the gallery and its neighboring historical monuments. Art is often mysterious and hard to understand; your guide will help you understand the essence of artworks.

Recommended Experiences

Enjoy visits to a multitude of amazing sites across Florence on this full-day trip of the city. There is much to explore on this amazing tour that covers beautiful historical attractions like the Accademia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery, Duomo, and many of the city’s splendid outdoor attractions.
Enjoy a lovely voyage through Florence's finest, including two of its must-visit attractions on this 6-hour guided tour. Get skip-the-line access into the Accademia Gallery, and Uffizi Gallery, infamous for their long ticket queues. Soak in history with the help of a professional guide who will tell you tales from the city's exquisite history as you walk through the cobbled streets of Florence.

Plan your Uffizi Gallery visit

Getting to Uffizi Gallery
Best Time to Visit
1. What are the opening hours of the Uffizi Gallery?
Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday (8:15 AM - 6:50 PM)
The ticket office closes at 6:05 PM and they start shutting down the museum at 6:35 PM
Uffizi Gallery remains closed on Mondays, New Years Day, Christmas and May 1.
2. How long does it take to tour the Uffizi Gallery?
Exploring everything that the gallery has to offer, including Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Venus of Urbino by Titian, and Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci will take you between 2-4 hours, depending on how much time you stop to stop and admire the exhibits.
1. How do I get to Uffizi Gallery by Train?
The closest station to Uffizi Gallery is the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. From here, the Uffizi Gallery is a 10-minute walk.
2. How do I get to Uffizi Gallery by car?
The closest car park is near the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. You can park your car here and walk to the Uffizi Gallery.
3. Can I get to Uffizi Gallery by bus?
You can take any bus that has a stop at the anta Maria Novella (SMN) train station. From here, you can walk over to the Uffizi Gallery.
When is the best time of the year to visit the Uffizi Gallery?
Uffizi Gallery is usually crowded during the high season, which is between March and October. It is therefore advised that you visit the gallery between November and February.
When is the best time of the day to visit the Uffizi Gallery?
The best time to visit Uffizi Gallery in Italy is when it opens in the morning, between 8.15 am and 10 am or right before it closes in the evening at 5 PM - when the crowds are at the lowest.

Explore Uffizi Gallery

Built in 1560, the Uffizi Gallery was initially made to accommodate the offices of the Florentine magistrate. This is why the word "Uffizi", which is derived from ‘offices’, was used as its official name. After the completion of the complex in 1581, the top floor of the building was made into a museum for its tenants and guests who wished to view the Roman sculptures up close. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the Hall of Geographic Maps (dedicated to maps of the Medici domains in Florence), as well as the Mathematics Room (containing important scientific discoveries from that period), were built inside the gallery. Today Uffizi boasts of an impressive collection of artworks dating back hundreds of centuries.

Floors of Uffizi Gallery

  • Ground Floor: Right after entering the Uffizi Gallery complex, you will find plenty of souvenir shops, art history books, children’s book and other several other recreational pitstops to your right. This is also the part of the museum where you can find your ticket windows as well as a well-stocked bookstore towards the exit.
  • First Floor: A priceless collection of art exhibits await you; including the ‘Cabinet of Prints and Drawings’, and three of Caravaggio's most famous paintings: “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” “Bacchus,” and “Medusa”.
  • Second Floor: The second floor of the museum has a collection adorned within its 45 halls, including artworks from the 13th to 18th centuries. Some of these comprise of timeless paintings, invaluable sculptures and an eclectic collection of antiquity from the Medici family displayed in over three corridors lined up within the interior of the U-shaped palace.

"Annunciation" by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Annunciation is the first work by Leonardo Da Vinci, made between the year 1472 to 1475. The painting features the angel Gabriel, sent by God to announce to a virgin, Mary, that she would miraculously be giving birth to a son — named Jesus.

"Laocoön and his Sons" by Baccio Bandinelli

Known as the Laocoon Group, the sculpture by Baccio Bandinelli is deemed as one of the most famous ancient sculptures to have been excavated in Rome. Although the original sculpture stands in Vatican City today, Bandinelli especially created a miniature for Uffizi Gallery.

"Venus of Urbino" by Titian

Placed in Room number 28, Venus of Urbino is considered to be one of the most sensual paintings by Titian, and it was later recreated in several copies around the world. Although the painting represents an allegory of marriage, many claim that it had several hidden meanings and undertones due to its wise use of color as well as contrast.

"Birth of Venus" by Botticelli

The painting is a depiction of Goddess Venus arriving onshore after her birth. It features her standing in the middle of the sea, grown-up, and surrounded by Greek Gods and other mythological figures. The painting is considered to be Botticelli’s greatest work and was originally a gift to the Medici family.


1. Is there a ticket to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence?
Yes, you need tickets to access the Uffizi Gallery. There are quite a few ticket variations to choose from, including skip the line tickets, guided tours, and combo packages that will include multi attractions over a day.
2. What are the rules and regulations at the Uffizi Gallery?
It is forbidden to touch the works of art or to place objects close to them which can cause damage or risk of fall.
It is forbidden to lean against the wall or the base of the sculptures.
Canned, corrosive, and alcoholic drinks are strictly not allowed within the gallery.
Using flash photography, taking videos, using selfie sticks, light stands, tripods, or any kind of professional equipment is forbidden inside the museum.
Keep the museum clean by disposing of the waste paper, chewing gum, plastic bottles and cups in the waste paper bin provided within the premises.
It is forbidden to smoke (which also includes e-smoking) within the premises of the museum.
3. What are the facilities available inside Uffizi Gallery?
All basic facilities including sanitization measures are available at the gallery. Additionally, entry to the Uffizi Gallery is free on every first Sunday of the month, and tickets are free for EU citizens under the age of 18, children under the age of 6, and senior citizens aged 65 and above. EU citizens between the age of 18 and 25 get reduced tickets for 3.25 euros.
4. Are there any new rules and regulations in light of the coronavirus crisis?
There are some basic regulations in place to fight the pandemic, including mandatory usage of masks. All visitors are required to maintain social distancing and undergo temperature checks before entering the gallery.
5. Can I cancel/reschedule my Uffizi Gallery tickets?
Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your Uffizi Gallery tickets up to 48 hours before the experience.
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